Sunday, August 26, 2012

Using straps on the front squat to fix your form

Using straps to hold on to the bar for front squats is recommended for people who lack the flexibility for a rack position, or for people who have elbow problems. However, there is another use for straps – perfecting your front squat form. The front squat is superior to the back squat because of one reason – it is very hard to cheat. With the back squat a person can lean excessively forward and use the lower back to get the weight up. If you try that with a front squat, you will dump the bar in front of you. However, most people figure out that if they hold on to the bar with their hands, they can lean forward just that tiny bit and overuse the lower back. This is where the straps come into play. By using straps to hold on to the bar, you have no way to ‘hold’ the bar in place, and any leaning forward will cause the bar to fall forward, thus ensuring perfect form with the chest up and the lower back arched. Try it and perfect your front squat form.

Watch Rob Adell of Average Broz Gymnasium perform a 227.5kg / 501lb front squat using straps

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